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Hub Hero provides JupyterHubs for teaching professionals. Our mission is to provide expert advice and services to empower you to benefit from the world class open-source tools like Jupyter. Hub Hero is a service by Wild Tree Tech a Switzerland-based company that embraces open source software and processes.

Open Source

Hub Hero is in the business of open source so you do not have to be. We are the project leads and actively contribute to some of the most advanced projects in the PyData ecosystem: and JupyterHub.

We believe that open source products are the right choice for our clients. Open tools deliver a solid foundation, rapid innovation and are free of vendor lock-in.

By choosing Hub Hero you are giving back to the Jupyter community.

The Team

Hub Hero is a service by Wild Tree Tech. We deliver professional engineering for clients all around the world, from startups and universities to international organisations.

Wild Tree Tech is owned and operated by Dr. Tim Head. Before creating Wild Tree Tech in 2016 he obtained a doctorate in experimental particle physics and worked at Fermilab, CERN and EPFL. In his free time he trains for triathlons.

Talk to Tim about your questions.