Bring the amazing ecosystem of Jupyter notebooks to your classroom with a professionally configured JupyterHub running either on a server you already own or one hosted in the cloud by us. JupyterHub is and will always be 100% free and open-source software.

Runs in a web browser

Your students only need a web browser to access your JupyterHub. This means that they do not need to install anything on their devices. Students can use your hub in the classroom or from home to work on assignments. Let's you and your students use your existing devices.

Central data repository

Lets you easily share datasets with your students. No downloading and passing a USB stick around.

Common data-science libraries pre-installed

Lets you import them with one line.

Based on Anaconda

Lets you install additional libraries with one line.

Automatic updates from your Git repository

Lets you automatically distribute and update student's material.

Secure user database

Lets you easily manage users.

Powered by the open-source Jupyter project

Lets you support open-source and avoid lock-in.

Integrated text/voice/video chat

(coming soon) Lets you communicate individually with each student.

Full Jupyter ecosystem support

Lets you use any supported programming language or plugin.

Impersonate mode

Lets you remotely intervene for any student.

Private home directories

Lets you upload and test your whole course before distributing bit by bit to your students.

HTTPS encryption

Gives you peace of mind as communication between users and the server is secured with state of the art encryption standards.

Cloud based

Lets you scale the same course from a few students in one room to classes with 1000 students spread all around the world.

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