Our most popular option. This options is ideal for courses of up to 30 students. It does not require complex cloud setups or much ongoing maintenance. For a flat one-time fee of $150 (excl tax) we will install a professionally configured multi-user Jupyter notebook server on a server you already own or one you rent from a cloud provider. Please note that you will have to pay for the hosting and that this option is completely self-support after the initial install. Curious about what it will look like or not quite sure this is for you? Start your free trial.


Please note that you will need to obtain a machine that we can install your JupyterHub on. This can be hardware you already have or a virtual machine you rent from a cloud provider. As part of our self-managed offer we can advise you on an appropriately sized machine. We recommend Digital Ocean as a simple and reliable cloud hoster available in a jurisdictions near you (important for data protection). Reach out to if you'd like to be referred to Digital Ocean and receive $100 in free credits.

For us to be able to do our work the machine has to be accessible by ssh over the internet and run Ubuntu 18.04.


This option is completely self-support after the initial install. The global Jupyter community is excellent at helping newcomers and once correctly configured a JupyterHub requires little maintenance. Should you ever get stuck or need an additional pair of hands please reach out to to discuss additional support options based on a preferred hourly rate for existing customers.

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Order your self-hosted JupyterHub ($150) now. We will confirm your order by email and set up invoicing. Afterwards we will send you a guide for preparing your machine or help you pick a cloud provider. Once you send us the login details of your machine your hub will usually be ready on the same business day.

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